About Penta Ventures

‘La Movida’ was an artistic and cultural movement that emerged in Madrid during the first years of the transition of post-Francoist Spain, between 1.978 and 1.985.

It consisted in a spontaneous explosion in all areas of the cultural arena, driven by artists to challenge the rigid structures that corseted the country at that time and thus bring an open and hopeful spirit to the city of Madrid.

‘La Movida’, which also echoed in other parts of Spain, was manifested through the music of groups such as Nacha Pop; the photography of Alberto Garcia-Alix; the cinema of Pedro Almodovar; the painting of Los Costus; the graffiti of Muelle; the fanzines as 96 Lágrimas; or the literature of Gregorio Morales.

‘La Movida Madrileña’ was a transversal movement that connected different artistic expressions thanks to the continuous interaction of its creators. One of the emblematic places that hosted most of these informal meetings was El Pentagrama, a bar in the Malasaña neighborhood, better known as El Penta, which Antonio Vega mentions in his iconic ‘La chica de ayer’, that has become the anthem of ‘La Movida’.

The Penta

The Penta was a shelter for many of those creators, the place where they felt wrapped, understood, and inspired to move forward with their new formulas of artistic expression.

Penta Ventures is named precisely as a tribute to that shelter, to that welcoming and humanistic spirit. The founders and managers of our portfolio companies are people with a successful career in prestigious firms in the professional services industry, who at one point decided to abandon that comfort to pursue a dream intimately linked with their vital purpose. Like those artists of the 80s, the founders and managers of portfolio companies decided to challenge the status quo and invent new ways to do things better. And, just like then, Penta Ventures is the shelter in which they will feel heard, supported, and reinforced. We believe that helping them is helping the world become a better place.

Imagen de un dibujo coloreado del bar musical Pentagrama


Nicolás López Santos

Founder & CEO Penta Ventures

Nicolás began his professional career in 2,000 in strategic consulting, where he worked for 24 years -the last 15 as a Partner and Senior Partner-. He developed most of his activity in Bain & Company, joining the Boston Consulting Group for the last four years of his consulting career. During this period, Nicolas focused on financial services and private equity practices, serving the most relevant banks and funds in Europe.

In parallel to his professional activity in consulting, Nicolas has developed since 2005 an intense activity as Business Angel, which has led him to invest in more than 25 companies worldwide.

In 2024, Nicolas founded Penta Ventures, where he incorporated all the portfolio of his Business Angel activity and began to complete it with new acquisitions.

In addition to his activity in Penta Ventures, Nicolas serves as NED in the Board of Grupo Lar, the Board of Aquaservice, and the Board of Diusframi. And he is a member of the Executive Committee of the NGO Norte Joven.

Nicolás earned an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (#1 class 2.000) and a B. A in Economics from the University Complutense from Madrid. He is currently preparing his doctoral thesis (DBA) by University Pontificia from Comillas – ICADE

Investment Advisory Board

Íñigo Querol

Serves as NED in the Board of Diusframi

Íñigo was the Investment Director responsible for the Spanish market at AnaCap Private Equity, a London Based firm focused on financial services where he opened the Spanish market for AnaCap and led the investments in gtt and pfs; and he was involved in the acquisition of add-on opportunities in AnaCap portfolio companies.

Prior to that, Íñigo worked at Alantra Private Equity and Credit Suisse Investment Banking.

Íñigo serves as NED in the Board of Diusframi.

Íñigo earned an MBA from IESE Business School and a BA in Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE – E4).

Emilio Domingo Comins

Senior Partner in the London office of Bain & Company

Emilio Domingo is a Senior Partner in the London office of Bain & Company and serves as Head of the UK Private Equity practice. During his 22 years with Bain & Company Emilo has accumulated extensive M&A, commercial and operations due diligence, business carve-out and merger integration experience; across several industries including business services, technology, and industrials.

He has advised companies and led assignments on wide range of business issues, from strategy to operating model and organization to cost reduction. His deepest expertise is in Value Creation Plans for portfolio companies. He has also been at the heart of several multi-year strategic transformations.

Emilio serves as NED in the Board of Grupo Martinez Cano and in the Advisory Board of the School of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Navarra. And he is an active Angel Investor, with investments in companies like Robin, Home Made or Ailin.

Emilio earned an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in Economics from the University of Navarra in Spain.